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Organizations face numerous challenges related to confidentiality, availability and integrity of information. Whatsoever is the case, the business must continue and ensure the availability of information to relevant stakeholders including customers and partners. This can only be ensured if an organization has a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place.

Cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery need to be part of a disciplined risk management approach, which should include an analysis of business processes, and the risks that those processes face. If you fail to identify a risk or process, you can neither manage the risk nor realistically plan for its consequences. At INFOGSITIC we understand how critical it is for an organization to remain in business. Our consultants have mastered the skills of developing BCP/DR plans while working with information sensitive organizations. Our approach takes input from global recognized standards such as ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management) & ICT DR 24762.

Our Services for BCP/DR include

  • Threat and Risk Analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recover Plan Development
  • Plan Implementation
  • Plan Maintenance
  • Plan Testing
  • Plan Auditing, Evaluation & Assessment
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